Summer was a lot of fun but –

now a thing of the past.

Darkness descends upon-

the world

And daylight is fading fast.

Autumns seeping in

The warm days are rapidly cooling

colour changes begin.

The morning dew falls gracefully

Upon the deadened grounds

Of falling leaves from hibernating trees in

Yellows, Oranges, Gold’s and Browns,

The sky is no longer blue but an –

Unusual shade of grey

Its silver streams highlight the trees and rests

Upon the clouds.

The Autumn sun is becoming –

Weaker by the day,

Stretching out as far as the eye can see

It’s amber rays spread quickly

And fills throughout the sky

Creating an illusion of fire –

That’s set before the eye.

In patterned wings of flight

The birds begin to leave

To a warmer place far, far, away

And in the spring they shall return.


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The Call, about a girl who learns that her partner has passed away

I remember when I got the call

It came so late at night,

I remember when I got the call

My body turned to ice.

The hairs on the back of my neck

Stood as tall as they could stand,

I remember when I got the call

And the uncontrollable shaking of my hands.

She told me he was gone –

Those words etched into my brain,

And I knew right there in a instance that

Things would never be the same.

The tears dropped so silent

Which matched the silence of the room,

but looking through the window,

I watched as life went on –

Traffic never stopped and people kept on talking

But all time and life stood still

in the space that I was breathing!

He was slipping through my fingers and

I was doing my best to pull him in,

Into my thoughts and trap him in my heart

That’s all I could do I was helpless

All alone; cold in the dark.

I picked the phone up and dialled –

His number I don’t know why?

And after a few seconds he answered and

I smiled with such delight.

His voice so warm and tender

He comforted me all night long

And soon my dreams became my vision

I could breathe him in; I could feel him

But best of all I held him tight!

My dream became my dream come true

He was mine for one more night.

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My first post.

I will be regularly posting short stories so please let me know what you think.

Thank you. 

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